A little about i3 Financial Planning…

i3 has been built on providing friendly, professional and most importantly quality advice and we have been successfully doing this since the early 1970′s.

We are proud to be totally independent of any provider which allows us to offer a full and diverse range of products and  services which allows us to build long-standing relationships with our customers.  We are committed to working hard for you, our customers, to ensure that we always provide friendly advice without using complicated jargon.

There are so many providers and different types of products on the market.  Choosing the right one for you and your situation is really important.  At i3 we research the marketplace using state of the art technology to ensure that you receive the best advice to meet your needs.

Life today moves at such a fast pace so sound financial planning is key. One minute you’re starting your first job and looking to climb the career ladder; the next you have children and grandchildren and are heading towards retirement. Through sound financial planning you can plan ahead and ensure that the phrase “fail to plan fhen plan to fail” doesn’t apply to you.

With your i3 adviser you can be financially prepared for anything that life throws at you and help make life a smooth ride rather than a bumpy, uncertain journey.