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The UK is one of the few places in the world that has a universal free health service, so why would anyone choose to pay privately for medical care?

Private Medical Insurance allows you to avoid NHS waiting lists and receive fast-track consultations and private treatment for short-term, curable medical problems.  If you contract a disease, serious illness or have an accident and you want treatment quickly for yourself, then this type of plan may help.  You will no longer have to wait months for a specialist appointment and even longer for a bed or treatment.  In many cases you will be referred to a consultant within days and receive prompt treatment   You may also have a choice of where you are treated.

Most people buy this type of insurance to:

  • be reassured, knowing that treatment is available quickly, at a time that’s convenient for you
  • have a choice about where the treatment will take place and the specialist who treats them
  • have the privacy of an ensuite room with a TV and other home comforts

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Always get expert advice.

With so many different plans and providers you need to be absolutely sure that you have the right cover.  So, contact us today to get professional advice from one of our protection specialists.

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